How to Avoid Problem Gambling and Playing Responsibly

Published: January 22, 2013

Online gambling can be a tremendous source of entertainment. But for some people, this is not the case. Instead, it becomes an obsession; way too much of an obsession. For them, there is no end to the gambling session. They feel the need to go on and on and on. They don't know when to quit. Do you? That could be the key to making the gambling experience a lot of fun, as opposed to making it a cause of anger or anxiety.

Do you have the self-discipline to know when to quit? That's part of the responsibility you have to have, both to yourself and those who may be dependent upon you. When you are in the online casino the temptations can be many. There are all kinds of bonus programs available, which require extended play to cash, and there is a tendency to chase those bonuses down for all they're worth. Your saving grace is that you can't play with money you don't have, so at some point it is going to come to an end, although no one ever underestimated the resourcefulness of people who have a gambling problem.

There is no such thing as "money management" when it comes to a problem gambler. That's because chasing losses is a way of life. If you have a problem, you will not only bet good money after bad, as they say, you will start betting it to a greater degree. That means doubling up, making bailout bets, and in general acting in such a way that rational behavior has simply been thrown out the window.

This is obviously not the place you want to be. If you recognize that you are a problem gambler, there are some places for you to turn. There is, of course, the organization called Gamblers Anonymous, which, like its model, Alcoholics Anonymous, deals with the addiction through meetings and peer-to-peer counseling. And if you want to gamble a lot more responsibly, you may want to employ some basics of bankroll management, such as dividing it up into a total bankroll and a session bankroll, and try to develop the discipline to determine when enough is enough. Remember that it is not the casino's fault; it is your own obligation to know how to conduct yourself. If you shut the computer down and you don't have even the hint of a smile on your face, you're doing something wrong!