What are Online Casino Bonuses

There is no question that online gambling is one of the most competitive businesses out there, because there are literally thousands of those enterprises out there, which truly puts prospective customers in charge. It stands to reason that online casinos have to provide certain incentives for players to sign up with their establishments, and in the online gambling industry that is an extremely competitive thing as well. Casinos market their wares, in part, by offering bonuses to players they want to sign up. Some of the online casino bonus packages are quite stunning, and many of them are legitimately so. When players take advantage of these bonus plans, they usually have to out in a certain amount of playing action in order to cash them out.

Pros and Cons of Accepting Online Casino Bonus Offers

Most online casino bonus offers look very attractive, and indeed many of them are. There are certain pros and cons that are associated with accepting these offers. The design, of course, is that a bonus offer will add something to a customer's account in the way of playing funds. It is a reward that is paid up front, although when it comes right down to it, it is a reward for playing. If a customer is given a 100% online casino bonus, it means that the initial deposit that is made by the player is going to be matched dollar-for-dollar, after certain conditions are met. In the course of normal play, those conditions are certainly reachable, so for the most part this is a very beneficial thing to take advantage of.

If you are looking for a flip side, of course, it is that some of the online casino bonus offers are not as good as they appear to be. Some of them require a lot of money to be deposited within a very short period of time, or that an excessive amount of money, in terms of the actual wagering requirement, be risked. There are also bonuses that are good for only one type of game, and that may not be the game a customer likes to play. So it is best to check out the "fine print" of any online casino bonus offer to find out what the real deal is.

Understanding Play-Through Requirements

When a customer at an online casino accepts one of the many bonus offers that are put forward, it doesn't come free. If the offer is 100% of your initial deposit, and you deposit $100, you don't just start playing with $200. That would be fantasy. The real story is that bonuses on first-time deposits usually come with a string attached, in the way of a "play-through requirement." This is what is going to be necessary in order to cash in a bonus. Generally for slot games it is going to be less than with table games, but in the way of an example, let's say that a casino's play-through requirement was "30x," it would mean that the customer would have to place 30 times the figure that amounts to the deposit plus the bonus in order to redeem it. So if the deposit is $100 and it is a 100% bonus, that makes $200, and when multiplied by 30 it means that the player must out $6000 into action.

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is simply a bonus that is given by the online casino that comes directly in association with a deposit. That doesn't necessarily mean it has to take place when an initial deposit is made, although that is the case most of the time. But when a customer deposits real money in an account, that deposit is matched with a certain percentage of that deposit that will constitute the bonus. Many times it is 100% or more for the first-time depositor, but subsequent to that, deposits can be matched as well, and these percentages vary. The so-called "reload bonus" is designed to encourage players who are already signed up with a casino to continue to keep their business there.

No-Deposit Bonuses

At some online casinos a deposit is not even required to realize a bonus, although that statement can't possibly come without a bit of explanation. Since players have become accustomed to making deposits in real cash in order to qualify for a bonus, some of the casinos began to counter that with opportunities for a newcomer to step in and play the games using bonus money that did not require any money to be put up at all. The process involves being able to play the games, in the hope that there will be a signup at the end. There is no free lunch, so the deposit must ultimately be made in order to than collect on the bonus.

Free Play / Free Credits Bonuses

A bonus which involves free play or free credits is somewhat similar to the no-deposit bonus; in fact, there is no deposit required to participate in these promotions, at least at first. You might, as an example, receive a certain amount of "free money" with a certain amount of time to play with that money. As you play the game, you try to win, quite obviously, and at the end of that period, whatever you have won (with certain limits, of course) can be applied your account, once you have actually opened one. This, of course, would require a cash deposit.